Student work exemplars: using technology to “Shock and Awe”

In my Course 1 Project, I used this past quarter’s UbD unit, which contained several assessments requiring the use of technology. The students submitted two of the assignments last week – a group project in which students created a propaganda video for the fictional state of Totario, and a Prezi timeline of significant events in World War Two. I was quite frankly blown away by some of the products the students turned in, and am showcasing some examples below.

The first is a video promoting the leader (Great Magister) of Totario. For this assignment, students were really creative, filming mock scenes, writing their own anthems, and remixing YouTube videos (especially of North Korean and Chinese military parades). The video editing skills shown by those students were impressive, especially since I followed Tara Waudby’s advice to give less guidance to stimulate creativity. But one student went totally new media, using the tool Garry’s Mod to create an almost completely professional machinima video. I’ll let the video speak for itself:

The timelines also evinced a high level of professionalism. Students demonstrated their understanding by using Prezi’s Path feature to show cause and effects and significance – it was a visual way to make connections. They also did a great job of finding relevant images.

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