Flipping for Course 5

I’d like to flip my either my World History I or II classrooms in quarter four. History is one of those courses where the same skills are simply applied across different content areas, so my choice of unit isn’t that important, although I suspect these two units (Medieval Europe and the Cold War, respectively) are somewhat better suited than others since there will be more video content available than that for a topic like Tang China.
Here’s a list of things I’ll need to consider:
  • Where will I find video sources? How will intellectual property considerations affect my choice of materials?
  • How will I hold students accountable for watching and understanding the videos?
  • How will I check for that understanding in class?
  • How will balance the removal of reading time from homework and keep exposing students to a variety of interesting and challenging text?
  • Which of my assessments and activities will need to be removed/replaced?
  • How can I create larger, more in-depth, and/or more authentic activities and assessments from that class time I’ve freed up?
  • How will I hold students accountable for using the class time effectively?
  • How can I maximize technology integration in my in-class assessments when we’re not on a 1:1 program?
  • Do I NEED to maximize technology integration for maximum learning?
  • How will I scaffold and teach the habits and skills that students will need to get the most from this new approach?


Here’s a very preliminary list of what I think this would entail:

  • ~30 minute of nightly video
    • Collaborative notes or viewing guide on Google Docs
    • iClicker quizzes the next day
  • Students’ choice of several tech assignments, with class time given to work on them in the labs:
    • Infographic
    • Digital story
    • etc
  • Class Activities:
    • Speaking
    • Role playing salon/speed dating
    • Graded discussion
    • Debates
  • Writing
    • Essay outlines
    • Short answers
    • Exit slips
  • Reading
    • Source analysis
    • Current events parallels
    • Short stories
  • Review
    • Crosswords
    • Ball toss reviews