AISB 2.0: A Learning Revolution (Week 1)

Friday marked our first full week of our 1:1 planning process. I made a rough roadmap for the process and ran it by our school director:

11 Planning_Page_1

11 Planning_Page_2



The general idea is to 1) agree on a general set of outcomes that apply the principles of our school mission to the conditions facing current and future students and graduates, 2) generate a set of activities that students and teachers will do in order to help students meet those outcomes, and finally 3) evaluate which tools (devices, infrastructure, and organizations) are needed to support that. The process will involve all stakeholders: teachers, parents, and students.

The immediate need is for interested stakeholders to become part of the process. By making an announcement at a school assembly and having advisers talk about the initiative, I got 12 students to express interest and attend the first meeting. Here’s how I pitched it to them.

Following the meeting we came up with this working document. I’ve still only heard from one interested parent, and next week I will put together a meeting for teachers, so stay tuned for how that turns out.

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