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Show, not Tell, with ePortfolios

ePortfolios aren’t indispensable but they can be a powerful way to show student growth. Since we’re a Google Apps school, last week I led a session on using Blogger and Google Sites to create ePortfolios.

I could tell you about growth, but it is a lot easier to see if I just show you.


From HB231: 2×2 – Two Models and Two Tools for ePortfolios:

EPortfolios can be a complicated topic, but they don’t have to be. Broadly speaking, you’ll want to decide whether you want to focus on reflection or achievement. In the jargon of ed tech, a reflection-based eportfolio is known as a “workbench” because it’s where students post their work as they do it and reflect regularly (for example, weekly). An achievement-based portfolio is known as a “showcase” because it is designed to show the student’s best work rather than the process. Of course, ePortfolios may take elements from each of these models.